Level up your
design career

Do you struggle with networking? Are you intimidated by personal finance and business? We're working on something to bridge that gap.

I felt stuck but

I didn't want to drop $200k on an MBA...

I thought I had it figured out – I'd moved from Gujarat to Texas and was working with a trailblazing team at AT&T, literally one of the biggest companies in the world.

If you'd told me that I'd be here when I was tinkering with microprocessors, a low GPA at college and a shaky self esteem, I wouldn't have believed you.

Yet, something felt like it was missing.

I felt like I was a good designer, but felt like an absolute noob when it came to understanding the trials and tribulations of corporate America.

Being a Gujju, I didn't really want to drop $200k for an MBA and realised that I'd have to use my secret weapon: jugaad

It was time for

My biggest experiment in jugaad & hustle

I realized that the designers running successful businesses hadn't really done an MBA. They charted their own path and learned by doing.

I decided to start interviewing them to learn everything I could from their experiences.

Over the course of a few months, I had hours and hours of conversation with senior executives, entrepreneurs, agency founders, and all kinds of creators.

Before I knew it,

I began to see the shift in my own career: in more ways than one

My finances and investments were doing better than ever, I was invited to speak at design conferences across the world, my podcast was on a roll!

On this journey

It's easy to feel like you've hit a ceiling

"Why does it feel like all I do is design screens?"

"How long can I keep working as an individual contributor?"

"Do I have to go into management to grow?"

Your inner monologue says

I don't want my company work to define me

"How do I build a personal brand independent of my employer?"

"I want to try something new, but don't know how to start"

"Do I need a business degree to start something of my own?"

When it comes down to it,

You want to make progress, but don't exactly know how

"Which fields should I explore beyond design?"

"How do business, investing & ESOPs work?"

"How do I overcome my impostor syndrome?"

I realized

After mentoring 700+ students and spending
7+ years in corporate America...

Most designers don't need to spend 2+ years in business school or quit their job to grow.

They need to find the keys to personal, professional and financial progress:

Improved understanding of the rules, systems and incentives that run the world
Making new friends that eventually become your collaborators, cofounders and colleagues.
Developing interpersonal skills like articulation, persuasion and the ability to understand people.
To have a period of self exploration where you can push your limits and find what your priorities are.


Mentorship and personal feedback

Design courses online often miss out on one of the biggest components of learning: feedback. Don’t get stuck, receive real guidance.

Guidance in making career & design decisions
Mentorship in how to grow as a designer


Fortnightly design challenges

Practice with real problem statements from the industry and from our network of startups. Build your portfolio, find opportunities & get hired.

Feedback, support on all submissions
Continuous learning & upskilling

Expand your network

Meet designers at top companies

Our alumni work at some of the top companies in India and abroad. Learn from their experiences.

Make industry connections & friends
Insights about problem solving, getting hired, career growth and more

The program

What you'll learn

What you will learn

How to overcome impostor syndrome
How to overcome the fear of public speaking
Using jugaad as a tactical weapon
How to approach cold outreach to thoughtfully build your relationships
Manging your personal finances and investment opportunities
Creating content that delivers value: written, video, podcasting etc
A system of content creation such that resonates with your target audience
How to identify high growth opportunities within your company or network
Working in a team, how management works and understanding incentives
Build habits and systems to help you achieve your goals & close blindspots

week 1 - 4

Developing the Inner Mindset
Techniques, strategies won't yield you the desired outcomes if you don't have the right mindset. In this module, you will focus on developing a growth oriented inner mindset. By the end of this module, you will overcome the fear of public speaking, networking and most importantly putting yourself out there!

Week 5 - 8

Building Your Personal Brand
Posting daily on Twitter, YouTube or Instagram won't help you stand out in an oversaturated market. In this module, you will focus on building a personal brand that shares your unique perspective. By the end of this module, you will have a personal brand and a system with which you'll never run of ideas.

Week 8 - 12

Your Execution Playbook
Knowledge itself is useless without ruthless execution. In this module, you will focus on executing the strategies you learned to date in the cohort. By the end of this module, you will graduate with a strong personal playbook to level up.

Meet your mentor

Namaste, I'm
Jayneil Dalal

I moved from Gujarat to the US in 2012, transitioning from a Linux developer to a UI/UX designer at AT&T where I got promoted to Lead UX Designer and worked for about 5 years solving B2B problems.

I've also been in an active teaching role, as an Instructor at SMU University in Texas and as a Senior Design Instructor at CareerFoundry.

While I was teaching and networking, I realised the gap between business and design that exists in the industry. That led me to start the Design MBA podcast where I've interviewed over 100+ design leaders.

This got me to collect all my experiences and learnings to teach at 10kdesigners.


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