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The Brand Experience Design program is a course on working alongside brand, product and content. Kickstart your creative career or take your skills to the next level.

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Hello, I'm Sneha!

Sneha Sankar, if we’re being really proper.

Right after graduating from the National Institute of Design, I started my design career at Unacademy — an ed-tech startup valued over $2B (as of writing this). I went on to build and grow the Creative team working directly with leadership across teams.

Until recently, I was the founding designer and Head of Design at Graphy, another ed-tech startup. At Graphy, I built the multidisciplinary design team that worked across brand and product.

Currently, I'm Associate Partner at Prophecy, a design consultancy that creates meaningful digital products.

I'm also the creator of tiptoptypetips, an online publication to understand and use typography better, and co-founder of Noggin, a Notion-based course builder.

I couldn't find it, so I created it. Here's that story.

When I started at Unacademy, I joined the product team as an illustrator, but quickly began to act as a liaison between brand, marketing and tech (product, design and engineering).

Since I studied graphic design, I occasionally worked with the designers in the brand team, collaborating on their projects and initiatives.

This visibility allowed me to educate and influence both the product and brand teams, creating opportunities for seamless engagement. In doing so, I made a case for a more brand-aware product experience.

6 months in, I started and grew a brand-new team from scratch, undertaking all design and creative projects across the company, including branding, performance, product, illustration and marketing.

At Graphy, with the same philosophy, we built a multidisciplinary team of talented designers who understood both brand and product design, storyboarding and designing immersive and emotional experiences (visual, interaction, content or motion design).

This intersection of brand, product and storytelling is “Brand Experience”. It's a sum of all the actions and experiences a user goes through across all brand touch points.

Like a great story, a well-designed brand unfolds over time— one experience after the other. With characters, goals and conflicts, building memories, forging connections and hopefully, cultivating trust and love for the brand.

Everything makes the brand. The notifications you send, the copy you write, how you onboard your users. All of it.

The product is the brand.
The brand is the product.

I’ve derived insights, collected my learnings, experiences and expertise to create BX, the Brand Experience design program.

Hybrid classroom

Live and recorded sessions • Ask questions, get answers, discuss and learn

Real problem statements

Fortnightly design assignments • Build your portfolio, find opportunities and get hired

Industry mentorship and personalised feedback

Office-hours with industry mentors • Career guidance • Guest sessions

Lifetime peer and alumni and network

Learn and grow with the community and 10kdesigners alumni network

What you'll learn

Construct • week 1 – 3

From the top, start with the holy grail of visual design – composition, colour and typography.

Build a solid foundation with layout, contrast and visual hierarchy.

Learn about colour, colour theory and creating amazing palettes.

Instil a strong understanding of typography, its history and vocabulary. Use this knowledge to feel confident about your fonts and typographic decisions.

Discover and learn the tools of the trade including Figma, Webflow, and other no-code tools.

Configure • week 4 – 6

Use storytelling frameworks to create compelling designs and brand experiences.

Articulate and effectively communicate your design decisions to stakeholders.

Develop strong cross-discipline relationships and collaborate with other domain experts, within the organisation or otherwise.

Demystify the design process and adapt methods to make them work for you.

Cultivate • week 7 – 9

Get a good understanding of brand, marketing and social media practices and terminology.

Move over Lorem Ipsum. Make your designs shine and ready for the world with great copy.

Understand the value that brand plays within a product experience and how to leverage it.

Speak the language of business to be more influential and effective in your team and organisation.

Thrive • week 10 – 12

Build a portfolio that you're proud of, showcasing your best work.

Design and develop websites, landing pages or even your portfolio in Webflow. Leverage the power of no-code.

Become confident with interviews, discussing money and evaluating offers.

Cultivate a personal brand, grow your network, find projects, juggle side-hustles and manage multiple sources of income.

Who is this program for?

If you're looking for a creative career in design, brand, content or marketing, absolutely!

Alternatively, you're keen on roles in companies described as brand designer, communication designer, art director, graphic designer, creative designer, marketing designer, visual designer or anything in between!

Design newbies and students

We'll start from the basics, but also how to implement your learnings and designs in real-world briefs and scenarios.

Graphic, print, self-taught and junior designers

You took the creative plunge and have made some progress, but are now ready to accelerate your career with an understanding of brand experience design.

Marketers, writers, developers and product managers

You’re often working adjacent to, or closely collaborating with designers. You're now looking to design thoughtful brand experiences of your own.

UI/UX designers

You're confident in your abilities as a UI/UX designer, from creating user flows and wireframes to designing pixel perfect screens. But your designs feel lacklustre and removed of brand and visual flair.


Cohort 2, coming soon!

We offer this program only twice a year — every application is evaluated and hand-selected to ensure you're a good fit for the cohort.

Applications for the next cohort will resume in 2022. Join the waitlist to receive updates.

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