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But first, it's Story time

When I started learning design in 2012...

I was enrolled in B. Tech. CSE, but one year into the program my GPA was suffering and I hated coding.

I had been inspired by Zuckerberg in the Social Network, but all we were doing in college was C++/Java, command line programs and ancient microprocessors.

My classmate taught me how to use Photoshop and I began exploring what exactly design was.

Here's what it was like being a self taught designer with no mentors in 2012

I'd just bought my first smartphone, the Google Nexus. UI/UX design was something I'd never heard of.
The App Store had launched a couple years ago. Apps like Instagram, Swiggy, Uber didn't even exist yet
I didn't know a single designer in my network. My classmates were either applying for placements or wanted to go abroad to study
My parents were supportive, but suspicious and asked me to confirm if designers make money (lol)
There were no "design courses" on the Internet. Most content was Photoshop tutorials and other tools.

It took a while but...

I got the opportunity to work with some amazing people

I've worn multiple hats: hustling student, shy intern, global freelancer, team member, startup founder, head of design and more...

At this poinT, you might be wondering...

What was the problem?

I had the good fortune of hiring designers, mentoring them and building the design team at Unacademy, an ed-tech startup that's now valued over $2.1 billion.

The products designed by my team and I are used by millions of students and thousands of educators.

It has helped Unacademy grow & raise investment from global investors like SoftBank, Sequoia Capital, Facebook, General Atlantic etc.

However, something was still missing.

In conversations with experienced designers in my network, we all agreed on a common problem: the state of design education in India was broken.

After 8 years in the industry,

I realized that things hadn't gotten any better.

Having been on both sides of the equation – as a designer as well as a hiring manager, I realized that there was a big gap.

Self taught designers had amazing work – but were lacking in process, didn't quite understand how team dynamics worked, and would often struggle to communicate their ideas to stakeholders.
Designers from design school had amazing process – but were lacking in the final outcomes, didn't understand how the industry beyond academia worked, would struggle with timelines & working with startups.
Startups don't care about degrees – but want to see equivalent experience: in the form of case studies & portfolios. Most designers struggled with putting themselves out there, making it hard to get noticed.
Companies want to hire freshers with under 1 year of experience – but find it really challenging to filter out real designers from those that just know how to use Photoshop, Adobe XD, Figma or other tools.

That's when I quit my job to build

The design school
of the future

A new kind of internet university – one that is focused on helping you build a network and learn not just skills, but the right mindset.

Online education in 2021

Let's face it, most online classes suck

Whether it's the poorly conducted Zooms & Hangouts by colleges, the many career bootcamps out there, free courses or even self paced courses online.

Boring classes that put you to sleep
No opportunities to make new friends
Outdated syllabus that isn't relevant anymore
Very few or no industry connections
No help with motivation and accountability
No alumni network to take help from
Info that can easily be found online for free
Hours & hours of content, but no real outcome
No support & help after you graduate

This is what we came up with

Everything you need to succeed as a designer

We applied the design process to design education (quite meta, we know) resulting in a totally unique learning experience.

All sessions are LIVE
No one-way monologues, we make it fun and interactive. No matter if you're an introvert or extrovert.
Make real friends
Like minded folks just like you, from diverse backgrounds and cities. We're not kidding, ask any alumni.
Real assignments
Assignments you'll actually enjoy. It's like a crash course in what it's like to work as a designer at a company.
Mentor based learning
Receive personalized feedback from our mentors and develop a long-term working relationship with them.
Get shit done
Our completion rates are one of the highest in the industry, and that's not a coincidence. We've got your back.
Exclusive guest sessions
Imagine a design campus where your favourite designers hang out. That's what we've created for you.
Real design stories
Our mentors share their personal experience & insights that you won't find anywhere else.
Build your portfolio
Every assignment is a potential case study, so that you can confidently apply for roles after.
Lifetime network
Once a cohort member, always a cohort member. Make long term, positive relationships.


Mentorship and personal feedback

Design courses online often miss out on one of the biggest components of learning: feedback. Don’t get stuck, receive real guidance.

Guidance in making career & design decisions
Mentorship in how to grow as a designer


Fortnightly design challenges

Practice with real problem statements from the industry and from our network of startups. Build your portfolio, find opportunities & get hired.

Feedback, support on all submissions
Continuous learning & upskilling

Expand your network

Meet designers at top companies

Our alumni work at some of the top companies in India and abroad. Learn from their experiences.

Make industry connections & friends
Insights about problem solving, getting hired, career growth and more

The program

More than just design

We'll start with design tools but you'll learn mindset, frameworks and skills that will benefit you for years to come.

What you will learn

What is design? Learn the depths of the design process & how to apply it
Fundamentals of color, layout, design process, visual design & prototyping
The tools of the trade including Figma, Webflow, ProtoPie etc.
How to validate features, conduct competitive analysis & user research
How to interact with design managers, stakeholders and get feedback
Communication skills and articulation, even if you consider yourself an introvert
How to build a personal brand, get opportunities & make more money
How to write effective case studies & build a portfolio that converts
The fundamentals of freelancing, where to find projects & how to talk to clients
How to evaluate offers & increase the odds of getting into your top companies


Week 1 – Week 3
This stage is your orientation: meeting your cohort mates, understanding the history of design & getting your mindset and habits right. Learn the fundamentals of visual design & Figma & get thrown head-first into your first design project. Receive feedback & iterate.


Week 4 – Week 6
Beyond fundamentals, it’s now time for frameworks. Understanding the design process, mental models, research, metrics and product. A mix of case studies & one in-depth assignment to apply theory to practice.


Week 7 – Week 9
With projects & process under your belt, it's time to work on a bigger project to apply all you've learned. Learn how to polish your visuals, advanced prototyping in ProtoPie, making websites in Webflow and more.


Week 10 – Week 12
Conceptualize your final capstone project to apply everything you've learnt. This stage also focusses on personal brand, preparing case studies with your projects so far and how to start finding opportunities – freelance, internships & full time roles.


Week 13 onwards...
Congrats, you're a designer now! This duration of the program will be focussed on polishing your work and getting you opportunities. All members will receive dedicated placement assistance and lifetime guidance.

Learn from the best

We have an active network of industry and alumni mentors that work at some of the best companies in the world.

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Program details

If this sounds like something you've been looking for, we'd love to get to know you further and explore if you'd be a good fit!

What you'll GET

Admission into the upcoming cohort of designers, access to curriculum & training
Personalized mentorship and guidance on building a fulfilling design career
One year complementary subscription to UI Sources Pro (worth ₹7,500)
Exclusive invites to physical meetups & events in our network (when it's safe)
Exclusive freebies and discounted licenses from our Partners


Cohort 4 is currently under progress.

We offer this cohort only two times a year and every application is assessed and individually handpicked based on our internal criteria.

Applications will resume in 2022.
plus 18% GST, a total of ₹84,999
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We believe in transformations

In just a year, our alumni have found opportunities in top companies like Ola, Toppr, Razorpay, Unacademy, Book My Show & many more.

Here's a glimpse of what they've had to say about the experience.

Frequently asked questions

If you have any questions about the program that aren't covered here, email me at and I’ll get in touch.

Who is this course for?
This course is for those who want to learn UI/UX design to transition into a new career or to build an additional skill.

Whether you're a student, engineer, product manager, founder or anyone else.
How do I apply for the course?
The course has limited seats, so please take some time to fill out your application and answer the questions to your best ability.

There might be an online async interview with someone on the team to assess if you’re ready for the program.
How much will the course cost overall?
The course will cost Rs. 84,999 (around $1199) which needs to be paid upfront before the start of the course.

There are also 3mo, 6mo, 12mo and 24mo EMI options available offered by Razorpay for eligible banks and cards
How much time do I need to dedicate every week?
The curriculum has been designed to allow people to participate part-time.

However, you must be able to dedicate a minimum of 10-12 hours every week based to attend the live sessions and submit your assignments on time.
Can I do this course at my own pace?
No, the course can’t be done at your own pace.

The program has a structured schedule and requires your active participation.
What if I miss a live session?
You are encouraged to attend the sessions LIVE to participate in discussions. However, you will have access to all class recordings.
Will I be guaranteed a job after graduating the course?
Nope. The training and community is designed to help you achieve your goals but we can't guarantee success.

However you will have our lifetime support to keep upskilling and confidently apply for internships, freelance and full-time roles.
Can I cancel or apply for a refund?
If you’re not happy with the course within the first 7 days, you can request a full refund.
Will I get a certificate on completing the course?
Yes, you will have a unique link that you can embed on your LinkedIn profile and a public profile in our Alumni Directory that you can use to get design opportunities.
When & where are the classes conducted?
All live sessions will be conducted on Wednesdays and Saturdays at 9PM IST on Zoom.

Beyond that, we will conduct activities like Q&A, mentor conversations etc which are optional for you participate in.
What computer specs and software do I need for the course?
You need a Mac or Windows computer capable of running a web browser. Figma will be the primary tool in this course and it works on most computers. Check compatibility here.

Beyond that, we will have a 24x7 Discord classroom to interact with your fellow cohort members and talk to our mentors.
Do I need to know programming?
No, you don’t need to know programming or be a Science or Computer Science graduate to do this course.
Can I apply if I’m a student?
Yes, you can apply even if you’re a school or college student. The program is designed to be beginner friendly.

Your focus with the course will be to learn design, build a portfolio and apply for internships and freelance projects.
How do I know if UI/UX design is right for me?
UI/UX design might be the choice for you if you’re interested in the intersection of design, technology and business.

You want to work in the tech industry and want to build products for web and mobile. Check out my free videos on YouTube to learn more.